Small Business Tips for Thriving Through Inflation by: Sam Marcum

Running a profitable small business has always been challenging. But it’s now even harder than normal as inflation and other factors bring the economy to its knees. Consumers have less purchasing power, and companies are scrambling to find solutions and stay afloat. Navigating the obstacles can be especially complicated for business owners approaching retirement and planning an exit strategy.

Fortunately, there are many cost-effective strategies for not only surviving these difficult times but strengthening your business to flourish long-term. Below, Inspire Wealth shares some simple steps businesses of all sizes are implementing to brave the waves in 2022.


Keep Marketing

Your first thought may be to cut back on your marketing budget. After all, that’s what many other businesses do. But that could prove to be a grave mistake because it’s now more critical than ever that people know about your products or services.

Revisit your branding to ensure it still aligns with customer expectations, and think about low-cost marketing solutions that can keep your business in the fold. For instance, Facebook ads are an extremely effective and affordable marketing tool.

With over 2 billion active users, Facebook provides businesses with a massive potential customer base. Thanks to the site's sophisticated targeting options, businesses can narrowly target their ads to only those users who are most likely to be interested in what they have to offer.

And because Facebook ads are so affordable, businesses can get a lot of bang for their buck. You can even create Facebook ads for free, which makes this an even cheaper option. Online tools with customizable templates make it easy to design your ad with your preferred fonts and colors, that you can upload right away as soon as you're done.


Invest in Accounting Tools

Poor money management is the last thing you need while inflation is at record highs. You can avoid common payroll and accounting errors by implementing a top-notch accounting solution. Look for cloud-based software that provides tax deduction tracking, automation, invoicing, and other basic functions. You might be surprised by how many free and affordable options are on the market.


Reduce Costs

Cutting costs is the most practical method of strengthening your financial position in the current economy. But it’s far from being the simplest.

Commit time to sift through your budget and closely analyze where your cash is going. Then, ruthlessly eliminate any expenses not directly benefiting your company. That said, be hesitant to cease long-term investments with a high ROI.


Get Supplies for the Future

At this point, you realize how many supply issues business owners are dealing with. List all of your core materials, and place your order for bulk supplies. That way, you can minimize the impact of rising costs, shipping delays, and other problems.


Raise Your Team’s Productivity

Your profit margins are more likely to be higher if your small business team works more efficiently and productively. It’s important to meet your employees' needs right now while holding them accountable for their roles. Look for ways to boost morale and engagement, and invest in any productivity tools that can help along the way.


Compensate Your Employees Well

As discussed, consumer purchasing power is in bad shape at the moment. Consider increasing your team members' wages to help them fill the gaps and maintain their standard of living. Along with encouraging your employees to stick around, this can help you establish your reputation as a company that takes care of its own despite the economy.


Increase Your Prices (Subtly)

You probably have to raise your prices to fight inflation's effects on your company. But don’t do so in a way that deters customers. Instead of making dramatic price hikes across the board, be strategic and do it incrementally.

We live in one of the most challenging economies in recent history to run a business. But incorporating the ideas above can keep your company in a strong position to succeed. Remember to maintain your marketing strategy, use an image background remover, reduce your expenses, stock up on supplies, and prioritize team productivity. Finally, consider giving your employees a raise, and be strategic in how you raise prices.


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