Tax Planning

for Building Wealth & Retirement

Paying taxes is something we’re all too familiar with as Americans but tax planning ensures you take advantage of every avenue within a tax mitigation strategy as possible. Whether it’s reducing your taxes now or creating a plan built on flexibility for later use, tax planning can help entrepreneurs, small business owners, those with a high household income, and retirees minimize tax liability while accumulating wealth.

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Our Approach to

Tax Planning

When you’re looking to build wealth, paying a maximum amount of tax isn’t ideal and it’s important to create a tax plan that’s strategic and flexible – not built off a cookie-cutter approach. At Inspire Wealth, we create customized tax planning strategies for our clients to help them mitigate taxes and build their wealth. We’re not your average financial firm – we go well beyond the typical tax plans.

You want a financial advisor who will go deeper and well beyond just finding deductions to reduce your liability. We can help you leverage your growing wealth because we’ve perfected our unique process that helps us create a truly customized plan meant just for you.

Worry Less about Taxes

You have more important things to worry about in retirement than taxes, right? While paying taxes can be painful, it’s not half as bad as not having funds to enjoy your retirement. You’ve dreamed of your ideal retirement, so why do you want to spend more on taxes and less on enjoying your time? Read the tax explorer guide – it has 10 strategies you should be aware of when it comes to your retirement income.

Tax Planning in Today’s Economy

You want to build wealth so you can truly enjoy retirement and leave a legacy behind. But, as you plan for retirement, you face a lot of choices in how you invest your money to help build your wealth. And those investment choices should be driven by how you want to participate in retirement.

If you invest in order to create a comfortable retirement, you may want to choose investments that will help maximize your income in retirement but that also means planning to deal with taxes. To gain a better understanding of where tax rates may be headed, take al ook at the current economic environment.

Blunt the Tax Bite in Retirement

As Americans, we have a basic understanding of what our taxes go towards. They pay for quite a lot of community-related services so while we enjoy the benefits of what happens after we pay taxes, we can’t stand the idea of paying more than what’s fair. When you retire, taxes are still part of your life. So, how do you know when you’re paying too much in taxes during retirement?

Learn how a retirement income analysis can help you figure out if you’re paying to much while figuring out how taxes get applied in retirement.

The Inspire Wealth Difference

Tax Planning Strategies that Work

At Inspire Wealth, we perfected our process to help curate the best tax plan for our clients. We dig deeper than many financial firms and look beyond deductions. Our tax planning strategies work because they stay flexible through market fluctuations and tough economic environments. Each tax plan is specific to our clients and take their lifestyle and line of work into account.

Teamwork & Coordination

When you’re building wealth, your financial advisor should utilize your entire financial team to get you the best results. This includes working with your CPA or tax professional to help you accumulate wealth while minimizing your tax liabilities. We’ll coordinate and assist your tax professionals while leveraging our resources to create a plan that works for you.

Tax Planning Resources

It can be hard to determine what the future holds but one thing is for sure – we all pay taxes, even in retirement. Having a plan of action with solid tax planning strategies can make the difference. At Inspire Wealth, we want to help our clients understand as much about taxes and tax planning as possible so they have a greater understanding of what awaits them in retirement. Browse through the blog posts and guides below to learn more about tax planning.

Let’s Talk about Your Tax Planning Goals

Have questions about tax planning? Schedule a free 30 minute consultation to learn more about Inspire Wealth and what we can do to help you mitigate taxes, build wealth, and minimize your tax liabilities.