Legacy & Estate Planning

for Retirement in MI, OH, and MA

What do you want your legacy to look like? Maybe it’s finding a way to create lasting memories with your loved ones. It could be leaving wealth to charitable causes or family members. Estate planning can help you express your wishes including what really matters to you and how you want to be rememebered. Legacy & Estate Planning help ensure that everything you worked so hard for goes to your beneficiaries in a tax-efficient manner.

Loving family planning their legacy through estate planning
Our Approach to

Legacy & Estate Planning

At Inspire Wealth, we take a first-hand approach in helping families create their vision for their legacy. We make sure they understand that estate planning is the tool that directs the family and courts on what you want your legacy to do and where you want your money to go.

Generational wealth has changed so much in the last 100 years that we redefined our role in the wealth management process! We want to help families create a vsion for their money and map out how they want to leave their legacy. Our job isn’t telling you what you should and shouldn’t do – it’s how to make sure your legacy is built and left behind based on your vision.

How to Create an Estate Plan

At Inspire Wealth, we aim to guide our clients as much as possible, providing comfort as our clients learn they have a team by their side, creating their plan to ensure their wishes and legacy is carried out. 

Creating an estate plan isn’t easy and while we know it’s an important part of the retirement planning process, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Download the short guide on how to create an estate plan to gain clarity and direction. 

Outlining Your Estate Plan

The word “estate” conjures images of massive wealth but, in reality, any adult who owns asset is technically the keeper of an estate. Planning out what happens to your estate when you pass on may feel uncomfortable but it’s a necessity. A well drawn-up estate plan can address things like distribution of money, guardianship of minors or special needs children, what to do with real estate, and more.

Learn how to outline your estate plan so you can effectively communicate with your loved ones on what to do with your health or property when the time presents itself. 

Generational Wealth Myths

The term Generational Wealth used to only apply to families with “old money” like the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, or Fords. Yet generational wealth can really apply to anyone who passes down their family money from generation-to-generation, regardless of how large or small the sum truly is. We often make incorrect assumptions around generational wealth, which makes it hard to achieve. Let’s break down those myths and incorrect assumptions. 

The Inspire Wealth Difference

Documents are Only One Piece

Your legacy needs a strategic plan centered around your needs and wants. Some financial firms will direct you to an estate planning attorney but those documents are only a small piece of the big picture. How you want to be remembered by your family, those you love, your friends, and the organizations you care about should be central to your estate plan and that’s our main focus.

Guidance with a Team Behind You

It should take more than an estate planning attorney to ensure your wishes and legacy are carried out properly. At Insire Wealth, you have an entire team of professionals on your side guiding you as your plan is created. We provide direction, clarity, and comfort in a sometimes confusing and uncomfortable process. That’s what sets us apart from other financial firms. 

Legacy & Estate Planning Resources

Understanding how to plan for the unknown can be scary and it can lead to a lot of questions. At Inspire Wealth, we want to help our clients understand as much about the legacy and estate planning process as possible so they have a greater understanding of what awaits them in retirement. Browse through the blog posts and guides below to learn more about estate planning.

Let’s Talk about Your Legacy Aspirations

Have questions about estate planning and leaving a lasting legacy? Schedule a free 30 minute consultation to learn more about Inspire Wealth and what we can do to help you leave a lasting legacy.