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Retirement Resources & Reports

Tax Strategies for Retirement

Once you retire, you can be affected by a variety of taxes like state income taxes, estate taxes, and social security taxes. This resource document focuses on Federal taxes you should be aware of as a retiree.

How Sequence of Returns Affects Retirement

Before retirement, your sequence of returns doesn’t matter as much but it’s important to learn what it is, how it works, and how it can have wreak havoc on your retirement plans as one of the biggest risks in your portfolio.

How to Create an Estate Plan

Estate planning is important but sometimes it’s a question of where to start. No matter your net worth, you need a plan set in place that can help your heirs understand your final wishes and distribute your estate properly.

Long Term Care: Facing the Future

Nearly 70% of people aged 65 and older will likely need some form of long-term care (LTC) and while no one likes the possibility of needing LTC, it’s something that should be addressed before retirement.

Social Security Maximization Report

As individuals transition into retirement, they are looking for ways to maintain their current lifestyle. View the sample Social Security Maximization Report to help answer your questions about Social Security.

Retirement Guides

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Empower yourself to safeguard your valuable assets in an increasingly vulnerable digital world. Learn practical strategies and proactive measures to mitigate the risks of identity theft.

Legacy Planning & Communication

Navigating the intricate process of planning your legacy and effectively communicating your wishes to your loved ones isn’t easy. Get expert advice on preserving your assets for the future.

Taking Care of Your Family

While having a will is an excellent step in establishing an estate plan, writing a letter of intent to your family may be the link in providing structure and emotional support.

5 Tips for Wealth & Retirement

5 Questions to Ask About Medicare

Medicare is complex and today’s changing health care landscape makes it more important than ever to fully understand how it works. Learn the five questions you should ask about Medicare.

5 Practices of Reducing Taxes in Retirement

One of your main goals in planning for retirement is keeping more of your money in your pocket and giving less of it to local, state, and Federal governments. Learn the 5 essential practices you need to reduce your taxes when you retire.

5 Myths about Generational Wealth

The idea of successfully maintaining generational wealth is still hard to achieve. This is due, in part, to assumptions people make about family wealth, which may not always be true. Read some common myths people have about wealthy families and generational wealth.

5 Ways to Maximize Social Security Retirement Income

Many Americans enter retirement without any plans to maximize their Social Security benefits. A good financial planner should be able to help you plan for this but here are five ways you can help yourself before retirement.


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