Healthcare Planning

in Retirement

Ancillary and catastrophic healthcare expenses don’t need to have a major impact on you and your family. Healthcare planning can give you peace of mind in retirement knowing that you can have a plan put together to help you make well-educated decisions when it comes to your health.

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Our Approach to

Retirement Healthcare Planning

Research suggests that healthcare costs are expected to double within the first 20 years of retirement but planning for retirement healthcare is easier than you think it might be. The key lies in healthcare planning.

At Inspire Wealth, we make sure our clients have a plan in place that can help with any additional healthcare costs that come about during retirement. But, it’s not enough to just have a plan – our clients know how those expenses are covered with a full understanding of any potential effects it may have on their family. We help with planning for the cost of Extended Care, Medicare Optimization, and how to leverage assets for healthcare planning. Here are some of the ways Inspire Wealth can help you:


Are you working with a certified healthcare advisor (CHCA)?

If not, who are you working with then? It might be time to get started with a CHCA designated Medicare advisor. Understanding Medicare can be confusing at times, but we here to walk you through the winding maze. We want you to be an educated consumer so that you can make the absolute best decisions regarding your health care.

Social Security isn’t enough to cover your monthly fixed expenses, so you need to have a customized plan to determine where the rest of the income is going to come from. It’s crucial to have your fixed expenses covered on a monthly basis without worrying about market fluctuations.

Long-Term Care

Are you working with a certified longterm care (CLTC) Specialist?

CLTC® Certification for Long-Term Care educates professionals in the fields of insurance, financial services, law and accounting about the severe consequences a need for care over an extended period of years would have, not on their client, but on the emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of those the client loves. The goal is to give these professionals the proper skill set to discuss those consequences, offer a plan to mitigate them, and help them create strategies on what is the best course for that individual family.

Are you aware that over 70% of people turning 65 today will eventually need some type of care in their lifetime and only 16% of them are confident they can cover the cost of an extended care event themselves.

For years, you’ve been imagining all the things you’ll do in your retirement. Travel the world. Restore a classic car. Spend time with your kids and grandkids. Whatever you hope to do once you stop working, you’ve probably thought a lot about it our team can help you gain confidence that is the right plan for your family.

Diabetic Direct

Diabetic Direct is a life insurance produce made specifically for those living with Diabetes. 

Are you one of the millions living with Diabetes? Diabetics are routinely turned down for Life Insurance. After medical exams, extensive underwriting, and long waits. Diabetic Direct has developed the first-of-its-kind, fully automated platform specifically for diabetics.

We offer life insurance in about 7-10 minutes. Underwriting is automated, and there is no need to ever speak to an agent, unless one just wants to.

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Retirement Healthcare Planning Resources

Understanding how to plan for the unknown can be daunting. At Inspire Wealth, we want to help our clients understand as much about Medicare, Long-Term Care, and the retirement healthcare planning process as possible so they have a greater understanding of what awaits them in retirement. Browse through the whitepapers and guides below to understand the importance of healthcare planning.

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