Wealth Management 

Planning Before Retirement

Wealth planning creates an established plan for income as well as an investment plan for remaining assets. Wealth management takes the plan and puts it to work by helping you manage investments. When it comes to building wealth, it’s important to have goals and objectives in mind, so your wealth manager should ensure that your investments are aligned with your goals and objectives.

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Our Approach to

Wealth Management

We know that as you work hard to build wealth, your financial strategy may not always include a way to manage wealth. At Inspire Wealth, we take a unique approach to wealth management because we want to help our clients make intelligent and informed decisions in order to reach their financial wealth-building goals. We have a unique wealth management formula that allows us to take all planning into consideration.

Inspire Wealth Wealth Management Formula

Using the unique wealth management forumla laid out above, we’re able to help out clients maximize their wealth while also minimizing their tax liability. Our wealth managers help our clients achieve their financial goals which positions them better as they move into retirement planning and further into retirement.

Advanced Planning

There are areas that we focus on when it comes to Advanced Planning:

  • Wealth Enahancement: Addressing how to mitigate taxes
  • Wealth Transfer: The process of figuring out how to transfer wealth to your heirs
  • Wealth Protection: Putting barriers in place to protect the wealth you’ve worked hard to grow
  • Charitable Planning: Leveraging wealth to help give back to the community and organizations you care about

Financial Consulting

It’s not enough to only look at your risk level to guide our financial consulting. We believe in looking at all of the pieces of the wealth management puzzle that aren’t typically reviewed by other financial firms. This includes reviewing your current assets and portfolio, understanding what you want to gain, digging deeper into your current life situations like health and well-fare, all to assess your actual risk and what level of risk we can take to grow your wealth.

Financial consulting is the primary offering of most financial advisors but we look at it as central to preserving your wealth.

Relationship Management

As we manage wealth for our clients, our goal is to build a great relationship with them so we can work as a team to build and maintain their wealth. Our clients aren’t looked at as numbers on a spreadsheet – we get to know our clients on a deeper level that allows us to create specific financial plans that would only work for them. We use a dynamic approach that help us manage our clients’ concerns while building life-long professional relationships with them. You are our top priority and helping you achieve your dreams is our goal.

The Inspire Wealth Difference

Unique Wealth Management Services

At Inspire Wealth, we perfected our Wealth Management Formula to create a process that makes wealth management strategies unique to each client we serve. We dig deeper and plan for more than many financial firms. And we design strategies and tactical plans that are centered around our relationship with our clients. You’re not just a number to us, you’re central to our services which is why we spend years getting to know you and building your trust.

More Than Just Financial Consulting

When you’ve worked hard to build wealth, your financial advisor should do more than just assess your risk. They should ask questions about you, your health, your family situation, and your goals. But, they should also listen and lean in when you have concerns about your money, investments, and financial future. We do more than just financial consulting, we build stratey and plans that are specific to your situations in order for you to have the best possible outcome.

Wealth Management & Planning Resources

None of us have a crystal ball that tells us exactly what the future is going to be like but you can prepare yourself by learning as much as you can. At Inspire Wealth, we want to help our clients understand as much about wealth management and planning for wealth as possible so they have a greater understanding of what awaits them in retirement. Browse through the resources below to learn more about wealth management.

What are Your Goals for Building Wealth?

You’re trying to amass wealth but have you figured out your goals for wealth building? Schedule a free 30 minute consultation to learn more about Inspire Wealth and what we can do to help you manage wealth.