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Our Client Engagement Process

Our Process

We work with a select group of families and business owners as a full-service, boutique financial planning firm. This means we treat our clients like family, aiming to build a lifelong relationship based on a foundation of trust. Our Inspire Wealth process revolves around on-going communication that is open and honest so that we can act as a true partner, helping you develop a plan and monitor your progress in meeting your goals.

Step 1


  • Discuss your current plan and goals
  • Outline the Inspire Wealth Planning Process
  • Review your current financial situation

Step 2

Discuss First Steps

  • Align the Inspire Wealth Planning process to your priorities
  • Determine if we are a good fit based on your financial objectives

Step 3

Implement Customized Action Plan

  • Review your plan and address any questions
  • Approve plan and execute next steps

Step 4

Discuss Ongoing Objectives

  • Review and revise action plan as needed to address additional or changing priorities

Step 5

Progress Reviews

  • Review accounts on a regular basis, in line with your determined plan and objectives

Through our comprehensive approach, we aim to help our clients achieve the futures of their dreams. 

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