Faithlyn is one of 4 children, having two older siblings and one younger, she grew up learning a lot of responsibilities at a very young age as they grew up in a very low-income household. Starting at age 8, she immersed herself in FFA showing swine for a total of 8 years to help bring in income for her family to survive. She started working at the age of 14, her first "real" job consisted of being a cashier at a local grocery store, because of her dedication and work ethic it didn't take long to expand her knowledge and experience. She was fortunate to realize at this age that her worth would continue to grow with her willingness to go above and beyond what her role required. Even though her mother worked a full-time job, her father was unable to work due to being disabled on duty as a Law enforcement officer for 26 years in Columbus, Ohio.

Faithlyn had the mindset that she had to do whatever was needed to help her family survive any way she could financially. Faithlyn has had a lot of accomplishments in her life and yet she is just getting started, her first one being the first of her siblings to graduate high school, and not only did she graduate, she graduated with High honors. Faithlyn couldn't have had her father any prouder in that moment.

In 2019 Faithlyn's then boyfriend, now husband, Jeffrey was in a horrific accident being rear ended by a semi-truck. After spending a month and a half in UF hospital in Jacksonville Florida, they packed up and moved here to Michigan, she truly believes this was the best decision they could have made. She gained such a large support system from Jeffrey's family being here. Faithlyn was devastated to leave her father, who is her very best friend, and her younger sister behind in Florida, she knew this move was what would best for herself and Jeffrey.

In 2020, she got a call that her father had passed away suddenly. This tragedy took a major toll on everything she had surrounded herself with and immersed herself into up to this point. Knowing all of the struggles her father had been through throughout his life, she knew she had to take action on her life and the life she knew she wanted to grow into in so many ways, one major being from the financial standpoint for her and Jeffrey's life.

Growing up always needing to be one of the main factors in her family's financial stability, this has become a passion to help others and help them plan for their financial future. She has now found herself helping people to ensure they are financially secure and she looks forward to a long career. Helping people is what she does best, "When I am helping others, I feel a sort of pride that is just unexplainable. I know I would be making my father proud in the path that I am following as he was a man that would give you the shirt off his back, the last dollar out of his pocket even, just to help someone who needed it whether they would admit it or not." She looks forward to trying to make an impact in people's lives. She is already getting asked why she does what she does, her family is why. She has a goal of wanting to help as well as make sure her family has stability for generations to come.

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