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What do 2021 College Graduate Want from Work? Thumbnail

What do 2021 College Graduate Want from Work?

We wondered what the Class of 2021 wants from work. So we asked them,

from FORTUNE, by S. MITRA KALITA May 18, 2021 8:30 PM EDT

“We built a world we don’t even want to live in. So now what?” 

That was the title of Michelle Aboodi’s thesis for her MBA from Bard College. Aboodi, a former colleague, invited me to her presentation on Zoom a few days ago. As I listened to her urgent case for sustainability and why it must pervade all business practices, I wondered if her fellow classmates of 2021 shared the same frustration … and hope. 

So I set out to interview graduates this week, of high school, college, and beyond. The Class of 2021 is forever defined and changed by the pandemic, and yet impressively clear on what they want out of work, life and the balance between. Rather than summarize their thoughts, I think it’s best you hear directly from the next entrants of our workforce, the future they expect and the new world they are building. 

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